The future of underwater technology

Oceans cover the majority of our planet. They have a significant influence on shaping the climate, generate 80% of the world's oxygen, and provide habitat for countless species. But they also provide food, energy, and a variety of raw materials that are essential for our modern society.

Only through the synergy of a comprehensive understanding of the ocean ecosystem through excellent research, and a sustainable use of the marine habitat through innovative technologies at the highest level, lies the key to reconcile ecology and economy.

The Ocean Technology Campus aims to strengthen the German marine technology by opening up important markets and providing impulses for a worldwide knowledge-based sustainable use of the oceans. Therefore, Rostock – one of Germany's most traditional maritime locations with an exceptionally high density of marine and maritime research – is the best location.

Our Vision

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Future Cluster

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Ocean Technology Campus Basecamp

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Digital Ocean Lab

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News and Events

Open Ocean Lab - Hackathon


This year`s hackathon will take place from 20. – 22.06.2023 in the Ocean Open Lab at the basecamp of the Ocean Technology Campus Rostock.

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